Friday, October 24, 2008

Taos Pueblo

5.5"x8" sketchbook, Ink and Watercolor
We spent Tuesday, Sept. 30 at Taos Pueblo, NM at the Fiesta of San Geronimo. This is the most important feast day at Taos Pueblo Reservation. There were lots of visitors and lots of native vendors set up in tents selling jewelry, silver items, textiles and lots of pottery from Taos Pueblo as well as pueblos from throughout the region. We enjoyed huge Indian tacos on "fry bread" and a delicious cherry folded fruit pie. There was no place to sit, so we sat on the ground to eat.
About 10 or 12 "Sacred Clowns" were running through the crowds throughout the afternoon. We were amazed that they snatched little kids from their parents and ran carrying them to the river (stream) to sprinkle, splash or even dunk them in the water! Later a pole climbing event was scheduled, but we missed that. We did see the pole with various packages and items tied at the top, including a whole, slain sheep!
I was most fascinated with the architecture of the pueblo - adobe buildings stacked sometimes as high as 3 or4 stories. We were not allowed to take photos or even sketch, so I sketched this later that evening from my memory of the day.

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