Thursday, May 14, 2009

Col. Hamilton's Uniform

18"x24", Charcoal

I didn't post last weekend as I usually do, - caught up in the mundane. I haven't painted in a little while either, but I'm working on that. Here's a drawing I did of Frank's dress uniform. I hung the coat under a spotlight on my easel with a tray table beneath to hold the pants, tie and hat. I covered the paper with compressed charcoal, and then erased out the light areas. It was quite a messy job, (charcoal dust was everywhere!) but fun. I used a little white pencil to enhance some of the highlights. To make a smaller print to frame for him, I added his ribbons taken from this photo I have of him, his uncle, Col. Jimmy Carr, and his cousin Sgt. Maj. Bill Carr in uniform.

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