Friday, February 19, 2010

Miss Oriole

Oil - 24"x18"

Again I have to say --- I'm loving oil painting. It is so different for me after 8 years of nothing but watercolor. (I still love watercolor too, though.)
This painting is of one of a dozen or so Baltimore Orioles that have been camping out this winter in the bushes off our front porch. This is about the 4th winter they have visited us. Frank has them spoiled with fresh oranges and grape jelly every day. (Yes, I said Grape Jelly!) They come to the feeder that is outside our office window and chatter loudly for me to look up from my computer and peek. They're feisty, too. Only one is allowed in the feeder box a time or risks getting fussed at by another. The others have to sit and wait their turn.

This painting is the first independent project that I have to do for my Painting I class. There will be three others due as well. I'm almost done with the second, and I'll let you see it soon.

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