Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What an Honor!!!

 "Passing By"  - Watercolor 14"x20"

 I was recently informed that I won the Coastal Community Foundation Griffith/Reyburn Lowcountry Artist Award.  I had applied for it through the urging of my brother-in-law, artist Colin Quashie.  He thought my art would be a good fit for the intent of the award - to have art that reflects a unique aspect of Lowcountry culture.  I applied for it last year and I was not selected, but I received a letter from the Foundation commending me on my application.  They said I had been a very strong contender.  This year, my Painting III instructor at the College of Charleston read the "Call for Artists"  announcement in class, so I pulled out last year's application, tweaked it a little, and re-submitted.  The Foundation director called me a couple of weeks ago to say I had won.  Along with the wonderful honor, the prize purse is $5000.  I have already received $3000 of it, and I will receive the balance when I complete the painting I proposed in the application.  I have until September 15, so I'll be busy all summer on this and other "Uptown in Downtown Charleston" pieces.  They will have a show of my work later in the year.  So I've been walking around on "Cloud Nine" at the wonder and honor of it all.