Friday, November 18, 2011

Mini Paintings

6" x 6" - Oil on Cradled Wood Panel

  Last year in my Painting II class, the instructor assigned us to do 30 small paintings.  We could do them on canvas, stretched or panel, primed foam core, wood, or other suitable surface.  I painted some here in the house and on the porch.  Some I went out to the plantations a couple of afternoons and painted using my little table top easel.  Some I painted from photos I took downtown and around West Ashley.  Afterwards, I framed some and put them up for sale at a sale with an artist group.  Some actually sold there. Some were much appreciated gifts I needed to come up with that I didn't have to go out and buy.  Four or five of them I painted on non-standard size pieces of foam core - bad move since I can't find frames to fit them.  So they sit in the studio.
     The Artist Guild Gallery wants us to do minis, up to 6"x8" for the annual Christmas Tree.  I sold one of those pieces on last year's tree.  This year's entries are to be turned in this Sunday... I didn't find the time to paint a new mini, but this morning I went into the bin and came up with three I can use on the tree.  Alas, there is now only one framed piece left in the bin, which I will keep as it is one I cannot part with. 
       So the point is... doing a pile of minis in a short space of time (we did 30 in 30 days) gave me a nice little stash to draw on, and I made some cash on them as well, as well as jump-starting some creativity in me.

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