Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Calendars - Calendars - Calendars

My July calendar-painting "13 Savage Street" sold yesterday at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery - Yaaaay!!
 I love this painting because it reminds me a lot of our house on Sumter Street as it looked when I was a teenager. (Sometimes I have a little trouble parting with my pieces!)

I still have a few 2013 Calendars available for sale.  If you're interested,
you can email me at andrea@andreahazel.com
 you can call me at 843-763-5279
To see some of the calendar images or to purchase now you can go my ON-LINE STORE  here  -   http://andreahazelwatercolors.ecrater.com/index.php

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The 2013 Charleston Paintings Calendar

The 2013 Charleston Paintings Calendar is now in stock!!!
This year I have placed several small original paintings in my online store in both watercolor and oil at special prices for this sale, as well as a few sets of notecards and matted prints.  Payment can be by cash,  personal check, PayPal, Visa or Master Card.
To see the sale items and some of the calendar images or to purchase now 
you can go my ON-LINE STORE  here  -   http://andreahazelwatercolors.ecrater.com/index.php
OR you can email me at andrea@andreahazel.com
OR you can call me at 843-763-5279.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Calendars and Other Art SALE

The new 2013 Art Calendars should be here in 2 weeks - the new calendar features Charleston houses. 
 This year I have placed several small original paintings in my online store in both watercolor and oil at special prices for this sale, as well as a few sets of notecards and matted prints.  Payment can be by cash, local (Charleston area) personal check, PayPal, Visa or Master Card.
To see the sale items and some of the calendar images or to purchase now you can go my ON-LINE STORE  here  -   http://andreahazelwatercolors.ecrater.com/index.php
OR you can email me at andrea@andreahazel.com
OR you can call me at 843-763-5279.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Art & Barbie"

I'm one of the artists featured this weekend at "Art & Barbie" at the studio of talented Glass Artist, Steve Hazard.  Hope you can come by and see some fabulous art and eat some fabulous food.
Steve Hazard Studio & Gallery
3180 Industry Drive, Suite A
North Charleston, SC 29418


We are located in the Pepperdam  Industrial Park.
Enter the industrial park from Ashley Phosphate Road at Pepperdam;
continue to Industry Drive, turn left; then turn left again at the 2nd driveway.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Freedman's Cottage Ghost

20"x 24" - Oil
I've been exploring the Charleston freedman's cottages, so common in former black neighborhoods throughout the city.  Freedman's cottages have been the subject of architectural study and was recently featured in the book "The Charleston Freedman's Cottage: An Architectural Tradition" by Lissa D"Aquisto Felzer and Harlan Greene.
I spotted this house, located off Nunan Street in Grants Court, while driving around in my childhood neighborhood looking for scenes to paint.  Actually I saw it a over year ago, and it recently called me back for a closer look.  I knew I had to do a painting of it.  I named it "Freedman's Cottage Ghost" because of the haunting feelings it evokes in me. This painting is now on display in the "Contemporary Cross Currents" art exhibit of works by 12 artists at the Charleston Convention Center in North Charleston until November 30.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Norwegian TV

Here is a link to the Norwegian TV Show about my cousin, Pop-Star Mira Craig, and her American roots.  I did a Blog post on this visit last April.  Look in the BLOG ARCHIVE below right to see that post and slideshow.  It was filmed in both Baton Rouge, LA and Charleston.   It is in Norwegian with some English - you will be able to figure out a lot of it.  I'm near the end at the cemetery.  The TV Show is about 29 minutes.  They feature young Norwegian celebrities who seem to be of  non-Norwegian ancestry.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

25 Smith Street

14" x 11" - Oil on Canvas
 Frank and I have been traveling - we recently flew out to Portland Oregon to visit our youngest grandchild. So my posting on this Blog and painting had to go to the back burner for a little while, even though I have several projects coming up.  More about those soon.
However, I did manage to paint this small piece for my space at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 160 East Bay St.  Stop in if you're downtown and check out the Gallery.  There are more than 70 local artist's represented there - lots of beautiful original art, lots of great buys!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brooks Motel

24"x12" - Oil on Canvas

I painted Brooks Motel for my daughter, Allison Brooks Roper and my grandson Nicholas Roper.  Albert Brooks Sr was her grandfather.  He and his brother Bennie Brooks opened the Motel in 1963.  It is especially known as the unofficial headquarters of Charleston's Civil Rights movement,  providing accommodations for such notables such as Martin Luther King Jr and Ralph Abernathy.  Brooks Restaurant, Brooks Pool Room and Brooks Real Estate were also located in the neighborhood.  All these businesses have closed and the buildings demolished after Albert passed away and Bennie retired from business, and "gentrification" development came to the Morris/Felix Streets area in Charleston. I took my grandson and a large photo of the Motel to the area when I was planning this painting so we could talk about his heritage.  The Motel was torn down when Nicholas was a few months old in 2000.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inca Gold Mask

10" x 8" - Oil in Canvas
 This small piece will be on exhibit at the upcoming show "Images of South America" at the Charleston Country Library opening on September 6 and running through October 6. I hope you can catch this show... See E-Invite Below

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


An Inter-American Artistic Dialogue Exhibit at the Charleston County Library
September 6 - October 6, 2012
 Opening Reception:  September 6,  6 - 8pm
 A chance meeting between South American writer, lawyer, and mariner Isabel Cristina Castillo-Mercer and an artist at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery has resulted several months later in a special exhibit at the Charleston County Public Library on Calhoun Street. “Images of South America: Sailing with Art,” on exhibit in the library’s lobby between September 6th and October 6th, is intended to be a multicultural art dialogue to promote educational interaction and goodwill between the two continents of the Americas.
SeƱora Castillo-Mercer and her husband Barry Steve, a professional nautical engineer, have spent the last ten years on their 38-foot, double-masted sailboat “Arabella” sailing around the Caribbean, South Atlantic and South Pacific. When they dropped anchor in Charleston, they decided to stay. One evening this past spring, while peddling around Charleston on their bikes, Isabel and Barry visited the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery on East Bay Street and chatted with Marty Biernbaum. Continuing conversations between Isabel, an enthusiastic ambassador for her Colombia homeland, and other artists has led to a desire to have a dynamic art exhibit in which each participating artist explores and expresses ideas through their art that serve to promote understanding and communication between  North and South Americans. One of  Isabel’s major concerns is that the average American has little knowledge about our southern neighbors, typically lumping all of these culturally diverse countries into a single image.  They hope that this art exhibit will help to change that impression.
            The exhibit will include poetry from Isabel Cristina Castillo-Mercer’s new book, Sailing with Art, and works by nine Charleston artists: Marty Biernbaum, Karol Turner Campbell, Danita Cole, Arianne King Comer, Andrea Hazel, Pat Huff, Brenda Orcutt, Addelle Sanders, and Mary Sayas.  South American artist Yaneth Lucia Castillo will also show her paintings.
     There will be an opening reception on September 6th at the library. Two special events will take place during the month-long exhibit. On September 20th, Isabel Cristina Castillo-Mercer will share her poetry in the library auditorium. On October 4th, Jacqueline Kelm, an American writer, will discuss her book, The Joy of Appreciative Living.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Images of South America

24" x 18" - Oil on Canvas

I recently finished this piece for an upcoming show "Images of south America" to be held at the Charleston County Library in September.  My painting features a woman at Carnaval in Brazil, and the Olodum drummers.  Olodum offers cultural activities to young people, largely centered around music.   Founded in 1979, its stated aims are to combat racism,  to encourage self-esteem pride among Afro Brazilians, and to fight for civil rights for all marginalized groups.  Click here and turn up your speakers for a peek at Olodum

Monday, July 9, 2012


Here's a shot of me and artist MC Churchill-Nash from Rock Hill, SC.  We were at the opening reception of the South Carolina Watermedia Society Annual Exhibition at City Art on Lincoln St in Columbia, SC.  The show will be up until September 1.  MC 's piece will be a part of the SCWS Traveling Show around the state at various venues for the next year.  Frank accompanied  me to Columbia for the day's events.  His brother Charles and sister-in-law Pennye joined us at the reception, then we had a delightful dinner at the Blue Marlin next to City Art - Check it all out if you're in Columbia.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

August 2012 - July 2013 Calendar

By special request, I have revised my 2012 Calendar into a special edition - August, 2012 - July, 2013, using the same images. If you missed out on the 2012 calendar, you can view and order the Revised calendar directly from Lulu.com at this link:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flower Girl

I found out this week that my painting "Flower Girl" (20" x15", Watercolor) has been selected for this year's South Carolina Watermedia Society Annual Exhibition. It will be on display at City Art in Columbia, SC July 7 - Sept 2.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jammin' for Jack

20"x 30" - Oil on Canvas

I painted this a few months ago in honor of my dear friend, the late Jack McCray.  We would hang out "back in the day" at my childhood friend Wendell Johnson's house.  If you knew Jack, you probably "hung out" with him too.  I was a young single mom, not willing to do the club scene, working hard at teaching and photographing weddings and other events.  This was my social outlet.  What a good time we had - Wendell, Jack, Osei Chandler, Alluette Jones, Renee Gaters, Wilmot "Al" Frazier, Yardy Whitney, just to name a few... a steady stream of cool folks, great music and intellectual conversations. 

   Once we even entertained an African delegation here on an official visit that Jack had been asked to host locally.  He wanted to give them a little taste of our Charleston.  I asked my uncle Charlie Mikell to do the food for us...Lowcountry Fare - red rice, fried chicken and fish, a mess of crabs... We sipped a little wine, the music was awesome, several local friends stopped by... They loved it all, even though none of the delegates spoke English.  We communicated through their French/English interpreters who were also traveling with the group. 

This painting features the wonderful Quentin Baxter and Charlton Singleton among other musicians at Jack's Jazz funeral last Fall. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

41 Meeting Street

11"x14" - Oil

This painting sold last Thursday at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery to a visiting couple from England!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Family Experience and a Pop Star

My cousin Dr Ronald Craig of Olso, Norway, called me about 6 weeks ago to tell me that his daughter, Norwegian Pop Star Mira Craig  is to be the subject of a Norwegian Broadcasting Company documentary TV program on her family, especially her American family.  They were particularly interested in the story of my and Ronnie's great-grandparents Joseph and Mollie Manigault.  Joseph, of a once-wealthy white family in Charleston, SC, was born in 1841 in the Manigault House, home of my 3rd great grandparents Joseph and Charlotte Manigault, and now part of the Charleston Museum.  He was an accounting clerk for the Charleston and Savannah Railway, but eventually was not accepted by his society and family, probably due to his mulatto wife and children.  Mollie Steward was of African and Native American descent, born on Edisto Island, SC and was trained in the Indian ways of making medicines, poultices and salves for healing.  She was also a locally famed fortune teller, clothing designer and dressmaker, and owned several businesses including a vegetable and fruit stand and a moving and hauling company.  The Manigaults had eight children born between 1879 and 1897, including my grandmother Marie and Mira's great-grandmother Selena.
Mira, Ronnie, Mira's baby son Mio and a Norwegian production crew came to Charleston this past Monday.  I was honored to represent our Charleston family and  to tell the story of Mollie and Joseph.
I spent quite a bit of time reviewing family records and checking names, dates, and facts in documents and with relatives over the phone in the days leading up to the visit so I would be ready.  The Chief Interpreter from the Charleston Museum called last Friday with questions about Joseph, as there was very little told of him in Manigault family documents, and the Broadcasting Company had sent her a list of questions about him and Mollie. She too wanted to be as prepared as possible for the interview, as she was to lead them on the Manigault House tour that would be recorded for the broadcast.  I spoke with her on the phone for quite a while telling her our story, which she said was fascinating.
On Tuesday we were to visit the grave of Joseph, who passed away 100 years ago this past January, in all-white Magnolia Cemetery and Mollie's grave in all-black Old Bethel Cemetery, so my grandson Nicholas Roper and I spruced up the graves this past weekend, scrubbing off mold from the stones and picking up a little street debris near the cemetery entrance.
 I was quite nervous at the thought of being on television, but my nerves calmed down once we started filming.  I walked Mira and Ronnie over to Mollie's grave and starting telling them all about her.  After a while, I was quiet while Mira spoke into the camera telling the audience in Norwegian what I had just told her in my Geechee-accented English.
After a great lunch at Fleet Landing on Concord Street downtown, the film crew had a ball photographing and recording from the restaurant's decks overlooking the Cooper River and Charleston Harbor.  Then we were off to the Manigault House.  We met with Museum staff members and as the last afternoon tourists were leaving the mansion, the crew started with Mira and Ronnie coming into the Temple Gate of the property.  I had invited family members Debby Hazel, daughter of my uncle the late Joseph Manigault Hazel, Walter Boags,  son of my aunt the late Eleanor Marie Hazel Boags, and my sister Rovena Hazel Owens.  Rovena and I are the daughters of the late Walter Hazel.  My father and all his siblings have now passed on, so it was a real treat for us to be in that house that they always pointed out to us as children as they told us of our ancestors.  Their spirits were quite evident with us and a lot of emotions were felt by us all.  A real bonus was being able to move somewhat freely around the house, and even the third floor, which is not renovated and is off-limits on the tours, which made this visit really personal for us.  We especially loved spending time in Joseph and Charlotte's bedroom, which, we noted, is where we were all conceived generations earlier!  The Interpreter remarked that Debby very much resembles Elizabeth Wragg Manigault, our 4th great-grandmother, whose portrait hangs in the drawing room. What do you think?
The documentary program is to be aired on Norwegian television next Fall, so hopefully we will be able to view it online or on a CD.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rev. McKinley Washington Portrait

20" x 24" - Oil on Canvas
      I was commissioned by the Sea Island Comprehensive Health Care Corporation to paint this portrait of their founder Rev. McKinley Washington Jr.  It was presented to him last night at a 40th Anniversary Concert featuring pianist Wilfred Delphin, soprano singer Valerie Francis, and the Charlton Singleton Jazz Quartet.  What an amazing evening!!  The highpoint was the final number - with Valerie singing Gershwin's "Summertime" accompanied by Wilfred on piano and Charlton on trumpet.  
       Rev. Washington told me afterwards that he didn't remember taking a photo on his tractor like that - I told him he didn't - I made it up from a few images his wife sent me of himself and of the tractor.
       I got nervous when I saw famed artist Jonathan Green enter the theater before the program, as I knew that he, such a famous master painter,  would see my work, and in front of all those people to boot!  He came over to my seat and personally congratulated me on it - What a thrill!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Colin Quashie

My brother-in-law, famed contemporary artist Colin Quashie, recently opened "Plantation - (plan-ta-shun) Exhibit Installation" at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston.  Here is a link to his blog, which includes photos of the exhibit.    Quite a show!!                    http://quashieart.blogspot.com/

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wisteria Gate

11"x14" - Oil on canvas

I painted this for the change-out at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery.  We have to move to a new area in the gallery, change out our art and display new works every 3 months.  If you're downtown in Charleston, stop by 160 East Bay St and check us out - over 70 local artists - great prices.
For the last 2 weeks, I've been busy with a portrait commission - I'll post that after it is presented later this month.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

If you couldn't see the slideshow...

If you couldn't see the slideshow in my previous Blog post, open the email in your computer, not I-phone or Kindle, then click on Andrea Hazel Watercolors to go to the Blog and see the slideshow in this weeks post on the Blog.

 I visited the Manigault House when I was about 11 or 12 with my cousins, about 1960. The lady at the door snickered when we told her we were Joseph Manigault's descendents, but she let us in anyway, even though we didn't have enough money.
I wanted to take my grandson Nicholas, 12, to see the house where his 3rd great-father was born in 1841, so we visited last weekend, along with Allison, my daughter and my husband Frank.  Nick, a budding "history buff," thought the visit was totally cool.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Charleston Rainbow

8" x 24" - Oil on Canvas

This painting, still wet mind you, is a view along East Bay Street in Charleston in the Rainbow Row area.
I recently went to High Point, NC to a frame factory and had this frame custom cut for this oblong canvas. The image sat in my mind for quite a while before I bought the canvas and frame.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fielding's 100!

18" x 24" - Oil

Fielding Home for Funerals is a long standing institution in the Charleston Black community. We've all been there at one time or other - too many times for me.   I painted this to commemorate their 100 years of service. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

85 East Bay Street

11" x 14" - Oil on Canvas
This little painting sold last Sunday at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery. We get lots of tourists there looking for small pieces of Charleston that they can tuck in a suitcase or in the trunk of the car.  It paid my gallery rent for the coming quarter - Yahoo!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blue-winged Teal

11" x 14" - Oil on canvas

I saw these blue-winged teals at Magnolia Gardens feeding in a pond covered with duck weed and I had to paint them.  I must have ordered this "gussy" frame a while back - came across it while rooting around in my studio.  I put them together and loved it!  I hung it in my space at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery yesterday, but I 'm considering entering it in an upcoming wildlife and nature show.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


We spent last week at our favorite place, Edisto Beach.  I love it in winter - dead quiet.  This time of year they call it "Edis-Slow".  I did a little crocheting and painting while there.

We spent time in the Edisto State Park  - great maritime forest trails that are hard packed enough for riding our bikes.  We rode out to a favorite spot of ours - the Spanish Mount, a 4000 year old oyster shell mound.
I always feel the spirits of my Edisto Indian ancestors very strongly there - the people of my great-grandmother Mollie Steward Manigault.   I imagine them all canoeing up the creek to that spot and having a huge oyster throw-down.  I can almost hear the drums and feel the heat of the giant bon-fire they would have built on the plough-mud beach of the creek.     I found this video on YouTube that gives a good idea of  the Spanish Mount at Edisto State Park.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweetgrass and Palm

I've been experimenting with painting sweetgrass baskets.  The first one I did sold a couple of days after I hung it in the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery.  I also used it in my 2011 Christmas card. I've painted 3 more since then.  The second, a mini 4"x 6" canvas, also sold.  The third and fourth are both hanging at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery.  Run by there (160 East Bay St, Charleston) to see them in person.

Sweetgrass and Palm #1 - 11" x 14" - Oil

Sweetgrass and Palm #4 - 11" x 14" - Oil

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Piano Man"

20" x 24" - Oil
Mr Louis Waring Jr was recently honored by the Charleston Water System with a retirement luncheon and reception for his service on their Board of Commissioners.  I painted this portrait which was commissioned by Charleston Water and Mr Waring's son Perry Keith Waring.  Mr Waring is also a jazz piano enthusiast.  Thus I titled this piece "Piano Man".