Thursday, February 16, 2012


We spent last week at our favorite place, Edisto Beach.  I love it in winter - dead quiet.  This time of year they call it "Edis-Slow".  I did a little crocheting and painting while there.

We spent time in the Edisto State Park  - great maritime forest trails that are hard packed enough for riding our bikes.  We rode out to a favorite spot of ours - the Spanish Mount, a 4000 year old oyster shell mound.
I always feel the spirits of my Edisto Indian ancestors very strongly there - the people of my great-grandmother Mollie Steward Manigault.   I imagine them all canoeing up the creek to that spot and having a huge oyster throw-down.  I can almost hear the drums and feel the heat of the giant bon-fire they would have built on the plough-mud beach of the creek.     I found this video on YouTube that gives a good idea of  the Spanish Mount at Edisto State Park.

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