Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rev. McKinley Washington Portrait

20" x 24" - Oil on Canvas
      I was commissioned by the Sea Island Comprehensive Health Care Corporation to paint this portrait of their founder Rev. McKinley Washington Jr.  It was presented to him last night at a 40th Anniversary Concert featuring pianist Wilfred Delphin, soprano singer Valerie Francis, and the Charlton Singleton Jazz Quartet.  What an amazing evening!!  The highpoint was the final number - with Valerie singing Gershwin's "Summertime" accompanied by Wilfred on piano and Charlton on trumpet.  
       Rev. Washington told me afterwards that he didn't remember taking a photo on his tractor like that - I told him he didn't - I made it up from a few images his wife sent me of himself and of the tractor.
       I got nervous when I saw famed artist Jonathan Green enter the theater before the program, as I knew that he, such a famous master painter,  would see my work, and in front of all those people to boot!  He came over to my seat and personally congratulated me on it - What a thrill!!!


Pclem said...

That's awesome Cuz!!!

Pclem said...

Awesome painting!