Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brooks Motel

24"x12" - Oil on Canvas

I painted Brooks Motel for my daughter, Allison Brooks Roper and my grandson Nicholas Roper.  Albert Brooks Sr was her grandfather.  He and his brother Bennie Brooks opened the Motel in 1963.  It is especially known as the unofficial headquarters of Charleston's Civil Rights movement,  providing accommodations for such notables such as Martin Luther King Jr and Ralph Abernathy.  Brooks Restaurant, Brooks Pool Room and Brooks Real Estate were also located in the neighborhood.  All these businesses have closed and the buildings demolished after Albert passed away and Bennie retired from business, and "gentrification" development came to the Morris/Felix Streets area in Charleston. I took my grandson and a large photo of the Motel to the area when I was planning this painting so we could talk about his heritage.  The Motel was torn down when Nicholas was a few months old in 2000.