Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Few 2015 Art Calendars Left...

Great Last Minute Christmas Gift

I still have a few of the 2015 Art CALENDARS left.   The new calendar is signed by the artist (me) and features Lowcountry paintings.  They are now available for local pickup or shipping. Payment can be by cash, personal check, or your credit card via secure PayPal.

For more info or to purchase now you can go to my ON-LINE STORE here:

you can email me at
you can call me at 843-763-5279.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2015 Calendars - Lowcountry Paintings

After selling out my annual art calendars the past few years, I am happy to announce that this year
my online store is ready to take PRE-ORDERS for my 
2015 Art CALENDAR.   
The new calendar features Lowcountry paintings and will be available for local pickup or shipping by November 4.

Payment can be by cash,  personal check, or PayPal.

For more info or to purchase now you can go to my ON-LINE STORE here:

OR you can email me at

OR you can call me at 843-763-5279.

Friday, October 3, 2014

MOJA Juried Ehibition

 "Mosquito Beach Shack"  Watercolor - 20"x14"
"Old Reliable, Maryville"  Watercolor - 20"x16"

I almost forgot to announce that these two paintings were selected were selected by noted artist/juror Doris Colbert Kennedy for inclusion in this year's MOJA Juried Exhibition, open now through this weekend at the Avery Research Center in Charleston.
Watercolor - 24"x20"
I was so pleased that my painting, "Girl With A Gold Earring" was exhibited at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston in September.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Slave Cabins - These Places Matter

Pine Tree Cabin - oil - 24"x30"
Cabin with Canna Lilies - oil - 20"x24"

These two pieces were painted for exhibition at the upcoming Slave Dwelling Project Conference in Savannah, GA next weekend.  I was honored to be invited to participate along with 15 other artists.  "Cabin With Canna Lilies" was based on a recent trip to visit the awesome slave cabins at Mansfield Plantation near Georgetown, SC.  "Pine tree Cabin" was based on a cabin I saw at Magnolia Plantation near Charleston.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

A.P.'s Back Beach Bees

Watercolor - 12"x16"

My brother Allan Perry Hazel has gotten into honey bees.  He started his hives last year in the former horse yard at our family home on Sullivan's Island, SC.  He is just now having his first harvest of honey.   He and I went out to the "back beach" on the marsh near our house and photographed the sunset one afternoon recently for an image for the honey jar labels.  I painted this image and cropped and edited it to create this honey jar label.  It still has to be approved by the SC Dept of Agriculture, but we're on our way with that.
As for the honey itself - the taste is absolutely exquisite!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


18" x 24" - Oil on Canvas

I turned my calendar to February this morning and my Fielding Home for Funerals painting showed up.  My idea here was to recognize the rich Black History within our own city.  Fielding's is celebrating 102 years of service to the Black community, and last week I saw a Fielding's commercial on TV - in SPANISH !  
How cool is that ?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Christmas Commission

Each painting 10"x20" - Oil

I was commissioned to paint these two pieces of sisters as a Christmas gift for their mother from reference photos submitted to me by the client, a friend of their family.  Little did I know that these images represented a particularly fun day in the life of this family.  Their mother was totally surprised by the gift.  She absolutely loved them - in fact she was quite overcome and shed a few tears when she opened them on Christmas Day. The client did a quick video of her opening them and sent it to me...did my heart good.