Sunday, July 12, 2015

     WOW!  It has been 7 months since I posted to my BLOG, or really did anything artistic.  As some of you may not know, my mother, Rovena Jones Hazel, was hospitalized on December 28 with influenza, and remained so until her peaceful passing on April 28.  So my days, and those of my siblings, were centered around her at the hospital.  (I did crochet while sitting there, though.  You would not believe all the stuff I made.)
     In the last two months I have spent my time fumbling around until I just recently when I received an unforeseen inquiry and subsequent sale for several of my paintings.  That sure did get my attention!
    Immediately after that came the news of the "Emanuel Nine", which got the attention of all of us.  Several visits to the memorial at Emanuel Church, the outpouring of love, the mix of people paying their respects, were deeply moving, and well worth the time to go see and experience.
     These events have rekindled my desire to paint.  So I have been taking steps... Cleaning up and reorganizing my studio is still a work in progress, but close to being done.  I spent the last several weeks revising my website, which required learning new (to me) web design software and doing all the hitting blank walls and knit-picky details required.  I finished it today!!  Please visit my site.