Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Lagoons

 "Azalea Lagoon"
Watercolor - 6.75"x 21.5"  
framed 10.75"x  26.5"

I caught these azaleas blooming at this lagoon at Magnolia Gardens one fine spring day.  I decided to paint the scene using this narrow horizontal format to match my earlier piece "Lowcountry Lagoon, Gator Lurking" shown below.  The frames are not identical, but are similar in design and color.  I plan to hang them this weekend at the Charleston Artist Guild, 160 East Bay St, when I work there on Saturday, Nov 26.  Perhaps they would make great Christmas gifts, even for oneself!  Check my Online Store for more info.    http://andreahazelwatercolors.ecrater.com/

"Lowcountry Lagoon"
Watercolor - 6.5"x 21.5"  
framed 10.75"x  26.5"

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lowcountry Lagoon (Gator Lurking)

Watercolor - 6.5"x21"

Have you spotted the gator lurking at this lagoon at Charleston's Magnolia Gardens?  You had better believe he is not the only one nearby!  This was matted and framed in a 8" x 24" frame, and will soon hang at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 160 East Bay St.  

Remember that my 2017 Edisto Lowcountry Paintings calendars are still available.  Quite a few folks have asked  me to "put one aside for them",  but that is hard for me to keep up with if you don't order.  Local folks can order the Local Purchase option in my online store, and check that payment will be by Personal Check, and you pay when you pick up your calendar.  

Click on this link   -        http://andreahazelwatercolors.ecrater.com/index.php

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OR you can call me at 843-763-5279 if you need help you with your order.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

 My 2017 Art CALENDARS are HERE!!

This coming year's Calendar features paintings created for the "Edisto and Beyond Tour, the Annual Tour of  Historic Plantations, Churches, Graveyards & Historic Sites" sponsored by the Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society. The paintings are on exhibit at the Edisto Island Museum through December 31.

   I am honored to be the first artist of African descent to be selected as the featured artist for the tour.  The pieces created for the Tour were painted to honor my great-grandmother, Mollie Steward Manigault, who was born into slavery on Edisto Island in the 1850's. I tried to paint the tour sites as I think Mollie, a slave child, would have viewed them.

Payment can be by cash, personal check, or your credit card via secure PayPal.
For more info or to purchase now you can go to my ON-LINE STORE here:

OR you can email me at andrea@andreahazel.com
OR you can call me at 843-763-5279.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Hole in the Wall

 Journal Entry - Watercolor 8"x8"

     Recently I had the pleasure of attending an old school, "Hole In The Wall" party... What a hoot! What a much-needed uplift! Great band, lots of wonderful food, traditional seafood and chicken buffet, and alternative fare including thick sliced bologna and cheese, white bread, pickled eggs, pickled pig feet, old time red link sausage, Moon Pies, Honey Buns, NEHI Orange and Grape sodas, small Cokes and Pepsi's (no diet, please). Folks who came were all ages, but mostly in their 60's and 70's, some older, fewer younger. They showed up in stretch pants, tight jeans, dashikis, jumpsuits, big afro wigs, wheel chairs, walkers, canes and of course, High Heel Sneakers. "Security" guys in black T-shirts handled the awarding of door prizes, through random drawing, to at least 30 people - quart mason jars of (legit) Moonshine. There was even a Soul Train line. I thought I saw a James Brown cape on someone's shoulders on the dance floor. Dancing got so heavy at one point that one lady passed around the BenGay to those in need. There was a posthumous appearance by "Prince", who led a rousing rendition of "Purple Rain", complete with dimmed house lights and purple glow sticks waving throughout the audience. Everyone left there at 10:00 when the lights turned on - GRINNING.
If you want to comment here, USE NO NAMES, please... it was that kind of party."

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Botany Bay Beach

 Watercolor - 18" x 14"

"Go straight to the beach," the greeter tells a visitor at the Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area gate.  "It won’t be there in an hour. "  Botany Bay’s boneyard beach of dead trees is a focal point for visitors on Edisto Island. This once-thriving 
maritime forest is disappearing into the surf from the forces of erosion.

  This piece is presently on exhibit at the Edisto Island Historic Preservation Museum.
Hours through October are Tuesday-Saturday, 12:00 - 5:00

Monday, September 12, 2016

Seafood Market

Watercolor - 16" x 12"
     A few weeks ago Frank and I stepped into quaint and tiny Flowers Seafood Co. on Edisto Island, SC.  We have driven past it for years, and I had been meaning to check them out for a long time.  I photographed the exterior before we entered, gathering reference material for this painting.  Then we went in and I bought 3 lbs of fresh local shrimp and a pound of fresh scallops. (The scallops are long gone now, having met their fate while wrapped in bacon for dinner one recent evening.  Scrumptious!) 
     This piece is now on display, along with 13 others of my work,  at the Edisto Island Historical Museum,  8123 Chisolm Plantation Road, Edisto Island, SC, just off the main thoroughfare, Highway 174.  Look for the brown Edisto Island Historical Museum sign on the right, as you're driving towards Edisto Beach. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

"Edisto Calm"

Watercolor - 14" x 18"

I call this one "Edisto Calm".   I finished it this week while chilling out at Edisto Beach for a few days.  It is of one of my favorite views from a fishing dock of the gazebo at Seabrook Plantation on Edisto Island, SC.    Oddly enough, the Seabrooks were owners of my Edisto ancestors, which I only found out in the last couple of years (after I fell in love with this view).  They were the largest holders of slaves on the island, and owned several plantations there.  Family research has not shown that any of our folks lived on this particular one, but I think it is very likely that they had seen this view, as it is near the old boat landing.  

This piece will be on display along with a dozen or so others of my Edisto paintings at the Edisto Historic Museum, starting with the opening reception at 5:30 on Sept 16.  I think the exhibit will run through the Fall but I don't have the ending date yet. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tweaking a Painting

I have long loved and wanted to paint this house on Hwy 174 on Edisto Island.

 #1  I thought I had finished this yesterday, but I asked friend and Dallas artist Carol Simmons to critique it. 

 #2  She suggested darkening the shadow under the eaves on the right so I did that and liked it but I kept staring at it. 

#3  Then I intensified the reds in the flowers,  and added dark smudges to the base of the chimney.

#4 Finally I softened the base of the woods on the left.  I think I am done with it.  What do you think?
Watercolor - 12"x16"

Sunday, June 12, 2016

 "Wine-Thirty at Edisto Beach"
(Watercolor - 14" x 10")

Wyndham folks will recognize those ubiquitous striped beach/pool towels.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Edisto Series

watercolor - 12" x 16"

I have not posted in a while, because I have been very busy lately working on a series for the Edisto Island Museum for their fall "Edisto and Beyond" tour of homes and churches.  My series will be on exhibit at the museum this fall.  It has been wonderful exploring these historic sites on the island and getting back into some serious painting!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

"King Street Posse"

I saw this flock of Guinea fowl who live in the area of lower King Street at Lamboll St. I was shocked to see what I thought were farm animals living in downtown Charleston. I call this piece "King Street Posse"! (Watercolor - 9 x 12")

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I painted this small watercolor of a Sasanqua camellia, 6"x 6", to honor the late Tony Csavas, who taught me Painting II at the College of Charleston in 2010. We continued our friendship when I shopped at Artist & Craftsman art supply store in downtown Charleston, where Tony worked part time when not teaching. Tony committed suicide by jumping from the Ravenel Bridge in 2014. I was devastated when I heard the news. Yesterday, "Flowers for Tony", an exhibit of his paintings, organized prior to his death and on view last year in New Orleans, opened at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park here in Charleston. A couple of weeks ago, a call for submissions went out to Tony's friends, colleagues and former students to contribute small paintings, which are also on display in the show. The exhibit runs through March 6. My piece was hung just above a small portrait of Tony - Really nice guy - Awesome Art Exhibit!

Friday, January 8, 2016

"Tributes to Emanuel"

Watercolor - 28"x 21"

I was so moved by the tragic shootings of last June at Emanuel AME church here in Charleston, and even more moved to see the response of the community.  I saw the children with their families, and I wondered what they were saying.