Friday, August 26, 2016

"Edisto Calm"

Watercolor - 14" x 18"

I call this one "Edisto Calm".   I finished it this week while chilling out at Edisto Beach for a few days.  It is of one of my favorite views from a fishing dock of the gazebo at Seabrook Plantation on Edisto Island, SC.    Oddly enough, the Seabrooks were owners of my Edisto ancestors, which I only found out in the last couple of years (after I fell in love with this view).  They were the largest holders of slaves on the island, and owned several plantations there.  Family research has not shown that any of our folks lived on this particular one, but I think it is very likely that they had seen this view, as it is near the old boat landing.  

This piece will be on display along with a dozen or so others of my Edisto paintings at the Edisto Historic Museum, starting with the opening reception at 5:30 on Sept 16.  I think the exhibit will run through the Fall but I don't have the ending date yet. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tweaking a Painting

I have long loved and wanted to paint this house on Hwy 174 on Edisto Island.

 #1  I thought I had finished this yesterday, but I asked friend and Dallas artist Carol Simmons to critique it. 

 #2  She suggested darkening the shadow under the eaves on the right so I did that and liked it but I kept staring at it. 

#3  Then I intensified the reds in the flowers,  and added dark smudges to the base of the chimney.

#4 Finally I softened the base of the woods on the left.  I think I am done with it.  What do you think?
Watercolor - 12"x16"