Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Hole in the Wall

 Journal Entry - Watercolor 8"x8"

     Recently I had the pleasure of attending an old school, "Hole In The Wall" party... What a hoot! What a much-needed uplift! Great band, lots of wonderful food, traditional seafood and chicken buffet, and alternative fare including thick sliced bologna and cheese, white bread, pickled eggs, pickled pig feet, old time red link sausage, Moon Pies, Honey Buns, NEHI Orange and Grape sodas, small Cokes and Pepsi's (no diet, please). Folks who came were all ages, but mostly in their 60's and 70's, some older, fewer younger. They showed up in stretch pants, tight jeans, dashikis, jumpsuits, big afro wigs, wheel chairs, walkers, canes and of course, High Heel Sneakers. "Security" guys in black T-shirts handled the awarding of door prizes, through random drawing, to at least 30 people - quart mason jars of (legit) Moonshine. There was even a Soul Train line. I thought I saw a James Brown cape on someone's shoulders on the dance floor. Dancing got so heavy at one point that one lady passed around the BenGay to those in need. There was a posthumous appearance by "Prince", who led a rousing rendition of "Purple Rain", complete with dimmed house lights and purple glow sticks waving throughout the audience. Everyone left there at 10:00 when the lights turned on - GRINNING.
If you want to comment here, USE NO NAMES, please... it was that kind of party."

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