Monday, May 29, 2017

"Ode of Monday's Anna"

Our favorite Yoga teacher, Anna, is leaving our studio to travel... Frank wrote a poem and I painted a caricature piece of the older folks in our class for a farewell card for her. (That's me and Frank on the left edge.)

(with apologies to real poets and English Majors)

Long have you been with us
Each and every Monday night.
Patiently guiding us on our mats
to do our yoga right.

You always put us through our paces
Rarely hard, but ever gentle.
‘Tho our comments and our antics
sometimes made you think we’re mental.

Your work bore fruit! An elite emerged!
Along the room’s back walls,
The proud “Orthopedic Ward” * are we,
Monday faithful one and all!

Eric, Ann, Donna, Barb
And our Lindas three,
Althea, Steve, Andrea, Hal
And all our company.

Perhaps you’ll miss our faces,
And the sound of creaking knees.
Grunts, groans and heavy breathing,
As you we try to please.

Maybe what you’ll miss the most,
The sound you’ll hear no more.
Of Frank and Hal bellowing out
Their ohms in stereo.